Emergency Cleaning Services

Emergency Cleaning Service

Do you have a situation that requires emergency cleaning? Do you need a company that can provide cleaning employees quickly to your building. We can provide one time emergency cleaning in these situations. Emergency cleaning is available after environmental or man made disasters. Our quick and efficient emergency cleaning professionals can bring equipment to your office building, manufacturing facility or any other public or private site to help mittigate the effects of emergencies.

Charlotte Weather Emergency
Post Disaster cleaning

Floods, fires, windstorms aren't things that you always worry about while running a business or organization. So when an environmental disaster strikes we can help the cleanup process.

Charlotte Crime scenes
Post Crime Cleanup

Vandalism, break ins, and burglaries can be tramatic events to people and businesses. Commercial Janitorial's emergency cleaning team can help clean up after criminal activity by removing debris, covering grafiti and making sure that things can get back to normal.

Charlotte Flu and Cold Seasons
Disinfecting surfaces

We have a protocol that we can integrate into your cleaning routine that addresses flue and cold season viruses.

It is no secret that flu and cold season can impact the productivity of your business. So let us create a program that can keep all surfaces clean and free of nasty bacteria, viri and other things that can cause colds, flu (bird flu, pig flu and corona virus

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