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If you are looking for a company that not only has the cleaning staff, cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies to keep your office or office building looking clean; but also has the dedication, commitment and know-how to tackle any cleaning job, look know further for your office cleaning needs than Commercial Janitorial.

Whether its an executive suites, multi-tenant buildings, financial institutions, dealerships, or production studio, a clean office is a productive office, and by using Commercial Janitorial for your office cleaning needs, your company or organization will see an increase in productivity without affecting your bottom line.

Delaware 's Green Office Cleaning Experts

You want to be healthy and you want your employees or tenants in your commercial office building to be healthy too, so why not provide them with an environmentally friendly cleaning company. Green office cleaning principles ensure that your office building or commercial facility are cleaned in a way in which has as little environmental impact as possible. Green cleaning means your office is healthier and the environment is healthier. Everyone benefits by using green cleaning techniques.

Delaware 's Cost Effective Office Cleaning Leaders

Even though our customers appreciate our thoroughness and attention to detail, they appreciate the cost effective cleaning techniques we employ which allows us to provide you with a clean office that does not cost a fortune. By establishing best cleaning practices, we can clean your offices in the most economical means possible. Cost effective office cleaning does not mean cheap office cleaning, discounted office cleaning or cut rate office cleaning, it means cleaning offices in the most cost effective and economical means possible. We don't provide the most cost effective office cleaning possible by cutting corners, we provide inexpensive office cleaning by not cutting corners and cleaning offices right the first time. Call us to discuss how we can clean your office, today.

Most Reliable Office Cleaning in Delaware

Our staff of cleaning professionals pride themselves on their prompt and professional service. And we know that even the best cleaning plan is worthless if it is not followed through by cleaning staff to execute. This is why at the heart of Commercial Janitorial's office cleaning services is our staff of reliable cleaning professionals in Delaware that will make sure to follow through on routine cleaning schedules and arrive on time for scheduled or unscheduled cleanings. Being a reliable office cleaner does not mean that we are just a quick office cleaning company, though we do clean offices quickly, it means that our staff knows how to meet cleaning deadlines by careful preparation and planning. When we show up our trained local Delaware cleaning staff is ready to clean your office.

Specialized Office Cleaning throughout Delaware

Some office cleaning companies have a one size fits all cleaning process. However Commercial Janitorial is different in that we can customize our cleaning process depending on your specialized cleaning needs. Perhaps there are security concerns in cleaning a bank, cleaning a daycare, cleaning a hospital, cleaning a school or cleaning a nursing home. Perhaps there are specialized cleaning procedures or cleaning regulations that need to be followed in cleaning a factory, cleaning a fabrication plant, or cleaning a medical lab. Whatever the specialized cleaning requirements, Commercial Janitorial can create an office cleaning program to meet your needs.

Flexible Delaware < Office Cleaning

Depending on your office hours at your Delaware location, we can schedule office cleaning to be least disruptive to the operation of your facility. If your office is opened during regular Delaware business hours we can schedule our Delaware based cleaning staff to be available after hours. If your Delaware office is open 24 hours we can schedule office cleaning to be as unobtrusive as possible. If you Delaware based facility has noise concerns during certain times we can schedule cleaning during set hours or even perform louder tasks like office vacuuming during non quiet hours. And of course if your office security requirements require office cleaning to be supervised during key hours our flexible office cleaning scheduling can accommodate those cleaning needs.

Delaware 's Safe Office Cleaning

Insurance and bonding minimums of $4,000,000/$100,000 are a must for any professional janitorial company we invite you to verify that your office cleaning contract includes these requirements. Every crew must be trained to operate in very secure environments including your internal regulations and respect for Delaware regulations and the laws of Delaware concerning retail facilities, banking offices, and medical buildings (HIPAA). Cleaning crews are required to follow all legal regulations regarding employment eligibility before cleaning your office.

Healthy Delaware Office Cleaning

Your Delaware office will be cleaned more effectively by using cutting edge cleaning technologies such as Green Seal chemicals and micro-fiber mopping/dusting systems. Our goal is to not only make your office look clean, but to get to work and make it clean.

Delaware Green
Green Office Cleaning Services

Part of our philosophical approach to the way we do business is to look at workplace in a holistic manner. This means that cleaning offices is much more than just surface cleaning. It's also about theoverall health of the building and the people who work inside of it. This simply means that if you are using a janitorial company for your office which merely clean at the expense of leaving harmful chemical residuesor volatile organic compounds, you are defeating one of the main reasons for cleaning in the first place which is providing a sanitary environment for which employees and visitors can conduct business.

Our approach is simple, without increasing costs, use green techniques whenever possible for office cleaning. This may mean using certain products or equipment or a combination of both. Of course because every location requires an individualized approach depending on the type of facility and possible rules and regulations we would be happy to discuss exactly how a specific green regimens could be integrated into your routine. Shampooing, dusting and the like will be done effectively by using cutting-edge technologies like Green Seal chemicals and micro-fiber mopping/dusting systems.

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Delaware Cost Effective Cleaning Services

Janitorial service should not be simply looked at as an expense each month. It should be approached as something which actively improves your organization's performance. At Commercial Janitorial we can developan approach to your needs that can be tailored to be as least expensive as possible. Perhaps your requirements are simple weekly vacuuming and trash removal, or they may be more complex, like a day porter servicewhich is on site to clean on demand. The way we see it, there is no one size fits all approach to office cleaning, each situation is different, so contact us to talk about how we can help you find a service planthat fits your needs.

Our customers appreciate our attention to detail and they appreciate the cost effective sanitation techniques we employ. Utilizing best cleaning practices, we provide office cleaning in the most economical means possible. Cost effective cleansing does not mean cheap washing and scrubbing by any means. Our prices do not mean discounted office cleaning or cut rate,because we strive to clean offices in the most cost effective and economical means possible each and every time. Our unique national scale with local service means we can provide the mostcost effective office cleaning possible without cutting corners. Therefore we provide inexpensive routines which are done right the first time.Call us to discuss how we can clean your office, today.

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Specialized Office Cleaning Services

Even though Commercial Janitorial is a pioneer in office cleaning training and education, this does not mean each office is cleaned in a one size fits all process. We can customize our procedures to meet your requirements. So that if there are security requirements that vary from industry to industry such as the financial or medical fields (HIPAA), we can put together a plan that creates assurances to your staff and also comply with State, Federal or local laws. Other environment such as daycare, schools, hospitals or nursing homes may require different security protocols all together.

There are also certain industries which may require office cleaning to be done in a certain way, these would include medical, manufacturing facilities or even clean room facilities. No matterwhat we can develop a plan that fits your needs.

Flexible Office Cleaning

Your company may have certain hours which it can not be cleaned, so we can schedule office cleaning to be least disruptive to the operation of your facility. If a building is open during normal business hours we can schedule cleaning staff to be available after hours or even make arrangement to work with in the environment during operating ours. For buildings that are open 24 hours a day, office cleaning can be scheduled to be as unobtrusive as possible. Facilities that have noise concerns during certain periods of the day, Commercial Janitorial staff can schedule routine office cleaning during set hours and perform noisier operations tasks like office vacuuming during non quiet hours. We also have equipment such as quiet vacuums which can be used to clean offices. Some office cleaning security requirements require staff to be supervised during their work, thus we can coordinate with your security team.

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Reliable and Secure Office Cleaning

As an organization we seek to surround ourselves with individuals that have a passion for what they do. Sometimes in the office cleaning industry that can be hard to do, given the nature of the low cost wage scales that many office cleaning companies pay. We however always seek to attract the best professionals possible by paying a living wage, and providing benefits to our staff whichothers do not. This is why we have some of the lowest turnover rates in the building maintenance industry and why the majority of our employees stay with us for a long time. In other words, you are going to find that compared to others, Commercial Janitorial staff is going to come to work motivated, with high morale and the professionalism that others lack.

Furthermore, training and preparation is a key part of our success. Our staff is regularly trained and updated to the latest cleaning techniques available in the business. This constant educational processmeans that each of our staff can execute both unscheduled emergency office janitorial and scheduled routine office cleaning faster and more effectively than the competition.

Because we invest in our cleaning staff so heavily, our hiring process is more strict than other office cleaning companies. All employees must pass a thorough background test, personality assessmentand are verified to work in the United States through E-Verify. In certain secure office building situations we can also provide additional credentialing and security assurances.

Safe Office Janitor Services

Commercial Janitorial maintains insurance and bonding minimums of $4,000,000 and $100,000, which are a must for any professional janitorial company. You may of course verify that your office cleaning contract includes these requirements.

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