Educational Facility Cleaning

Elementary School, Middle School, Highschool, College and University Cleaning

Public and private schools are sensitive areas in which we clean, both from a security perspective and regarding health related issues.

Evansville Educational
School Cleaning

Commercial Janitorial understands educational facility cleaning. Commercial Janitorial's education cleaning division has a designated staff that understands Green cleaning and has completed background, drug, and E-Verify testing necessary to service your educational facility, school, classrooms, daycare, child care center, middle school or high school. Contact us for a FREE Green School Cleaning Estimate or to learn more about our programs designed for infection control, floor maintenance, day porter, and evening janitorial services.

School Air Quality

Asthma is the leading cause of disease-related absenteeism in the United States. There are many things outside of our direct control that can cause asthma attacks such as pollen, animal dander, and tobacco smoke. Some things that we can change are the use of cleaning products with high VOC levels, products with heavy fragrances, and dyes. We can also modify the cleaning, maintenance, and scheduling of procedures that we employ to offset the triggers of asthma related illness. Total Quality has perfected a program to address the cleaning needs at your school or child care center.

Evansville Green Cleaning in Schools
Green Cleaning

When cleaning your educational facility Commercial Janitorial will pay special attention to infection control, sanitizing the surfaces such as light switches, desks, and door handles. If you need a complete janitorial service - we can include tag work such as carpet extraction, strip and wax, burnishing, and tile and grout cleaning. If high degree of cleanliness must be maintained in order to pass OSHA inspections, our educational cleaning staff will clean to a level that passes any regulation or legal requirement. Commercial Janitorial's green cleaning will improve the health of your teachers, administrators, and students. Green cleaning will minimize exposure to harsh aggressive cleaners and VOC emissions leading to a cleaner, healthier atmosphere will assist in performance of learning

Education Cleaning Product Selection

We use environmentally preferable or reduce risk products in sensitive educational facilities, including Vacuum cleaners that capture a minimum of 99% of 0.3 micron particles. To reduce airborne particulates we use floor machines equipped with vacuum attachments. No feather dusters; we use damp cloths or micro-fiber cloths when cleaning in schools, libraries, daycare facilities, child care centers.

Evansville Specific Services
Site Specific Cleaning

Schools are distinctive environments that require their own unique set of janitorial, cleaning and maintenance standards. That is why all Commercial Janitorial cleaning personnel and their employees receive training on the specific needs of in an educational environment.

Typical Cleaning Services for Government

  • Carpet cleaning for Schools
  • Hard floor care for Schools
  • Window washing for Schools
  • Office Cleaning for Schools
  • Restroom cleaning for Schools
  • Trash collection for Schools
  • Grounds cleaning for Schools
  • Common area cleaning for Schools

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