Facility Services

Facility services are a process of providing support to a companies core business. By process we mean a continuing assesment of infrastructure and services necessary to maintain capital, improve worker productivity and customer satisfaction. Facility services encompass a wide variety of disciplines that are coordinated to protect and maintain commercial and institutional buildings. However facility services has evolved beyond, taking the tash out and changing the lightbulbs to become a true interdisciplinary field of skills that improve the effectiveness of any organization.

Evansville Operational
Operational Facility Services

  • Reception and help front desk services
  • Janitorial and Cleaning services including waste management and addressing all environmental issues
  • Meeting room management
  • Mail room services including photocopying
  • Office space planning, layout, and furniture placement
  • Car Park and garage management including cleaning and security
  • Specifying, tendering and contracts' negotiated for all outsourced building services
  • Pest control, weed control and landscaping.

Evansville Facility Services System Maintenance
System Maintenance

Preventive and predictive maintenance, repair and servicing of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration is important, as well corrective reactive repairs. Building automation systems maintenance and irrigation infrastructure for grounds are also important part of system maintenance. We can provide plumbing, electrical and various other contracting services.

Evansville Health and Safety
Facility Services Health and Safety

Facility Services security aspects include access control including perimiter guards, access control equipment and protocols, manned guarding and response to interior and exterior of buildings and CCTV / Video surveilance for teft control and intruder alert.

Fire protection Facility Services include provision and maintenance of Smoke/Heat Detectors, Fire Alarm Systems, Sprinkler Systems, Fire Extinguishers and Dry Risers. Fire stopping and fire risk assessments are also saftey aspects that need to be continuously assesed and evaluated.

On a daily basis inspection of escape routes and fire exits is important. However long term business continuity planning for disaster recovery is something that any Facility Services company should address.

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