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Green Cleaning Services, Materials and Techniques

Studies have found air inside a building can be between 2 and 5 times as polluted as outdoor air. And since many of us spend a large percentage of our time indoors at work, at school or even at home. It is important that indoor air quality is kept as high as possible. Therefore green cleaning is not simply a buzzword or words that make us feel good, they are real choices that literally make us feel better by keep the indoor environment healthy. By making green cleaning choices in cleaning products, equipment, systems and procedures, we affect the lives of those that spend time in our buildings. For business owners green cleaning choices can even affect the company's financial bottom-line, because employee sick time, and lower productivity all have some basis in poor indoor environmental quality. For school administrators green cleaning choices can affect school productivity by decreasing childhood asthma, improving falling test scores, and decreasing student absenteeism.

Green cleaning is not only just replacing your current non-green product with a milder cleaning supplies. Green cleaning includes processes which reduces the negative impact on employee health, student health and the total environment when compared with traditional non-green products and non-green programs. Green cleaning minimizes VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions, controls allergens caused by dyes and fragrances and makes indoor environments more healthful and pleasant. While green product selection is important, a regularly scheduled Green cleaning and maintenance program is of equal importance. Properly designed and implemented, a green cleaning plan will have a positive impact on not only the overall cleanliness of your facility, but the health of its occupants and your return on investment.

Evansville Educational
Green Cleaning in Public Schools

Studies have shown that switching to green cleaning can improve attendance and student performance on standardized tests. Therefore school administrators interested in improving the schools performance and bottom line should take a close look at green cleaning. For example, the Healthy Schools Campaign calculated that each 0.5% increase in attendance would result in an additional $300,000 in funding for some larger school districts. Other studies found that after a major renovation in which green cleaning was a key component, both attendance and scores on standardized tests increased. Therefore green cleaning which minimize exposure to harsh aggressive cleaners and VOC emissions result in clean schools that provide a better learning environment while under maintained schools lose credibility A cleaner healthier atmosphere will assist in performance of learning.

Green Cleaning in Universities

The needs of Universities are very different from schools. Universities compete for the top students and faculty, and a green cleaning program offers outstanding marketing benefits. But beyond the marketing hype of green cleaning are real tangible benefits to the health of students and employees and if done correctly to the financial well being of your institution. Commercial Janitorial can provide a detailed transition plan to move your university towards a green cleaning program with safer cleaning chemicals absent VOCs and industrial solvents resulting in a healthier overall environment

Evansville Green Cleaning in Hospitals

Hospital success is measured in terms of patient outcomes. Nosocomial infections (infections acquired in the hospital) are of utmost concern to hospital staff and administration. Implement a green cleaning program in your hospital, clinic or healthcare facility could be of enormous value to both patients and staff. Green cleaning not only produces a safer environment overall, it reduce occupational exposures to nursing and environmental services staff, waste reduction, recycling and green issues. Implementing a green cleaning program in a hospital can provide the following benefits:

  • Green cleaning differentiate the hospital as it competes for staff and patients
  • Green cleaning makes environments more pleasant places to work and stay while maintaining sanitary conditions
  • Green cleaning kills germs without the usual disinfectant smell we normally associate with medical settings
  • Green cleaning allows for use of traditional cleaners in operating rooms that require antiseptic conditions
  • With Green cleaning offices and waiting rooms are cleaned with green products that do not contain harsh chemicals that cause noxious odors, eye and nose irritations, and respiratory problems
  • Green cleaning uses environmentally friendly furnishings and supplies manufactured without toxic materials
  • Green cleaning helps your facility conform to the Hospitals for a Healthy Environment (H2E) standards
  • Improve safety, reduce waste, and become environmentally responsible

Green Cleaning in Nursing Homes

The green cleaning needs of a nursing homes differ significantly from the green cleaning needs of hospitals because their customers use a different decision-making process for picking a nursing home. Cleanliness is of course a very important issue, however due to increasing competition, marketing opportunities that green cleaning offers to help differentiate nursing homes from their competitors. By implementing a green cleaning program, your nursing home can promote real tangible benefits that improve quality of life for nursing home residents.

Evansville Offices
Green Cleaning in Owner Occupied or Single Tenant Commercial Office Buildings

The needs of owner occupied or single tenant commercial Office Buildings focus around increasing productivity, quality, employee retention, sales and profits through creating a cleaner and healthier environment; more uninterrupted calls and happier occupant’s resulting in more sales and profits.

Green Cleaning in Multiple Tenant Leased Space Commercial Office Buildings

Because the property management company profits are not directly influenced by the increased productivity of occupants of multiple leased space commercial office buildings, their needs deal more with tenant retention, improved tenant satisfaction, reduced complaints, and marketing property to gain new tenants. Implementing a green cleaning program can help in all of these areas. Green cleaning adds real value to a property by cleaning from a green perspective. Green cleaning helps to maintain Class A status, lease space at a premium, and minimize tenant turnover by letting tenants to know that the building is cleaned and maintained from a healthy and sanitary approach. In a multiple tenant leased space commercial office buildings value to the owners investment LEED is the framework to obtain 12 points needed toward certification.

Evansville Hospitality
Green Cleaning in Lodging and Hospitality

Green hotels are properties whose managers are eager to institute programs that save resources such as water, energy and reduce solid waste, while saving money. Distinguishing a property as a green building gives a proactive image A "we care" marketing campaign sits well with guests 83% of US travelers want to support environmentally responsible suppliers of products and services are willing to spend more money to do so Give guests a sense of contribution Let the guest know the products are doing the job needed, doing it well, and cleaning to protect human health "Green" Hotels Association recognize and support properties that are interested in environmental issues.

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