One Time Cleaning Services

Move In and Move Out Cleaning

Sometimes clients only require a one-time cleaning for a variety factors. Perhaps they have staff that perform routine cleaning and they need periodic deep cleaning using techniques and cleaning equipment that are not always available. In those case one-time cleaning may be appropriate. We can accommodate all types of properties including residential and commercial that need one-time cleaning service. Each one-time cleaning appointment involves and overview between staff and the client to determine what needs to be cleaned, how to clean and what cleaning equipment will be required. We also discuss what results the one time cleaning service will produce. Perhaps your one-time cleanup just needs a brief appointment to clean items that have not been cleaned in a while. Sometimes the one-time cleaning needs to result in the property looking brand new after cleaning.

New Renter and Lessor Cleaning

If you own commercial or residential rental property including office suites, executive suites, multi-unit condos, or even single family housing units, Commercial Janitorial can provide cost effective move in or move out cleaning when a new renter moves in or an old renter moves out. We perform cleaning services that will allow your property to look as new as possible protecting your investment.

New leases or canceled leases may require a one time cleaning. This one time cleanup could be a deep cleaning or a quick superficial cleaning if requested. Either way we can specialize the cleaning protocol to get you the cleaning results at affordable cleaning rates. And by affordable one time cleaning, we mean inexpensive one time cleaning, not just cheap one time cleaning. We accomplish this by cleaning right once, the first time.

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